Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 3 of Getting Healthy

This week I lost...

One measly pound! But, at least, I'm going in the right direction.

My New Project: Getting Healthy!
Week 1: 4 pounds
Week 2: 3 pounds
Week 3: 1 pound

Total: 8 pounds

Here's what I thought/learned/tried/ this week:

#1: It is really hard to eat healthy when you're not prepared.

My cute husband went camping this last week with his dad, brothers and uncles (and our oldest son for a couple of the days). And, as it always seems to happen, the weeks he's gone...everything is crazy. My critique group met (which means I was writing and critiquing late at night), there were two parties the kids went to, two mornings my oldest had to be at the school by 5:30, the primary program practice for the kids at church, a giant shopping trip to Wal-mart (I'd avoided the place for too long) and....just....everything else. It all seemed especially hard for some reason.

This made it hard to eat as healthy as I wanted. For example, one night I planned on making myself a salad and maybe a sweet potato. I'd made chicken nuggets and fries for the kids that weren't at the primary program practice (where they were having pizza). Because of the general running-around-with-my-cut-off-kind-of-thing I ended up grabbing chicken nuggets and fries as I passed the oven in and out of the kitchen.

This was repeated in various forms throughout the week.

Not the best way to have dinner. Or to eat healthy. *sigh*


#2: I need to do prep work.

I need to pick a morning or evening each week and prep some of the veggies, etc. Wash my lettuce, chop up celery, etc. This should make it much, much easier for me to grabe the right stuff when I'm in a hurry. Because the odds are...with 6 kids, I'm going to be in a hurry again!

#3: This baked onion ring recipe is fantastic.

I took a photo of ours, but my camera died before I got it downloaded.

#4: I finished week 3 of the Couch to 5k program


Woo-hoo! (Like my thumb selfie?)

#5: In celebration of 3 weeks of running, I bought myself a present on Etsy from 2VintageGypsies...

I fell in love with these vintage cloissonne earrings and had to have them. Good think I had a reason to buy myself a gift.

#6: With any venture in life, things don't always go how you want. The important thing is to keep trying. 

Ok. So, I think I need to recommit myself to my goals. I've gotten a bit lazy with my eating habits again. Running around like a nutter makes it hard to stay focused on the eating healthy thing. But I need to be prepared for those busy times and still make healthy food choices.

Now on to week 4!

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