Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Things Friday

#1: I plan to make an infinity scarf this weekend.

DIY infinity scarf

The tutorial at Come On, Ilene looks perfect for the job. And I have some really cute super soft green and white fabric just begging to be turned into a lovely new accessory. 

Hopefully it turns out like I'm picturing it!

#2: Last Christmas I gave my mom gift certificates to a quilt shop. But instead of picking fabric out for herself, she told me to pick out fabric I liked so she could make me a new quilt. Wha? Well, I tried to decline. But she was very insistent. So, I did.

Then for Christmas this year{but it got delivered yesterday} she gave me this beauty...

This quilt truly deserves a better photo. But I'm too impatient to share a picture to wait!

Wow, right? I love it! I wanted a simple quilt made of squares and I love green and I love bright. This is perfect!

My mom is the very best.

#3: I'm planning on upcycling/redoing/revamping/overhauling some cardigans. And there are, of course, soooooo many cute ideas on Pinterest! Like this....

Pinned Image

And then this one which is similar to the last...

Pinned Image
Ivy Handcrafted
I'm not sure about using felt on a cardi though. I mean, I could buy wool felt....which is a bit pricey. But, obviously, regular felt wouldn't wash well or wear well. Maybe t-shirt knit?

Here's another one...

Pinned Image
Tattered Delicates

I love how that lace takes a cardi from super boring to unique!

And then just one more...


I adore ruffles.

#4: I want a polka dotted wall. Now, please.

Pinned Image

#5: We've been talking a lot about service with our kids. One of our family goals is to find service to do every day for other people, even if it's just smiling at someone who looks lonely. And then everyone shares what they did during least, that's the plan! Sometimes we forget, but Zoe is always sure to remind us.

My son, Sam, wanted to make a little stuffie for one of his sisters. We pulled up my stuffie pinterest board and he chose this cute owl stuffie for his wee sister, Molly...

Felt Owl
Sadly, I don't have a photo source for this cutie. There is just the picture pinned without a link. 

He's been so anxious to start. This morning, while he waited for breakfast, he got busy drawing the pattern for it. 

Please ignore the squalor we live in. Thank you. :)

I love it when my kids get excited about doing nice things for each other!

(P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win this fun twirly dance (or dress-up) skirt! There's hardly any, your chances are really really great! Not that I'm complaining or anything. Nope. No whining here.)


  1. Love the polka dot wall and that you son is drawing the owl pillow. Cute ruffles. New follower and I would love for you to link up sometime with me at my new hop Have a great weekend.

  2. The cardigan by Joyfolie looks like the mannequin has a hairy chest. hehe. Both my daughter and I like the polka dot room, it's bold.


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