Monday, December 5, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Projects we are (or need to be!) working on....

(By the way....all of these photos are kifed from pinterest or other's sites and blogs. I wish I already had all these stuff made.)

I'm planning on making some funky winter hats for the kids. You can check out my idea board Here. 

 Bandana Backpack

Bandana backpacks. Weston is making these for his brothers and filling one with a prank kit and the other with a magic trick kit that he's putting together himself.

little box theatre

Sam is so excited to make Zoe this puppet theater. He started working on a different version MONTHS ago but it's kind of large, so I think we'll switch to this smaller version? I don't know. But he's also made her some popsicle and pipe cleaner He's so cute.

Weston is making this bandanna apron for Zoe (except in pink. of course.)

Weston again....bath tub paints for his wee sister, Molly who adores bath time.

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Sam is whipping up some of these bean bags for Weston to help him learn to juggle. Apparently it's better to start with bean bags (that whole rolling away thing can be a bit of a nuisance with balls)

Giant pick-up sticks....Sam is planning on making these for Emmett

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Zoe is hoping I will make her a mermaid doll.....but I'm not so sure I'll be able to squeeze this one in.

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I wish I had time to make her wee little pixies, too. So cute, right?

I think someone should put this together for Sam. He loves building forts.

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Zoe is going to make this for Molly....simple and fun! Molly loves pom poms and she loves stuffing things into things (well...mostly taking things OUT of things....but still....)

DIY Felt Sew Your Own Handmade Krispy Kreme style Doughnut Plushie

I was hoping to get some of these whipped up for Zoe while we traveled this last weekend, but I didn't. I read Ella Enchanted to the munchkins and slept instead (or tried to....) and attempted to keep the wee baby happy. But I'd love to make Zoe some felt food. They're just so darn stinkin' cute.

I'm going to help Zoe make these fun Lego tie tacks for her brothers. Isn't that the coolest idea?

So, my nickname for Molly is Monkey. How perfect is this Molly Monkey pattern? And it's so cute! I want to make it for her. So bad. Maybe? If I stay up all night?

Dress Up suitcase only in girly colors for Zoe.  Although I don't know. Maybe I'll cover the suitcase sides with cute fabric instead. Like this...

Floral suitcase

Ok. That is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg people.

AND I need to get massive quantities of writing done. And I need to make gingerbread houses, buy some presents, get things shipped off, wrapped up, plan a party for some little girls in my church AND keep the true meaning of Christmas in my heart. Oh and find a tree and decorate it and and and....

I thought I was going to simplify Christmas this year. *sigh*


  1. What fun gifts. Anyone who gets them will be lucky.

  2. All of those look like fun to make, give, or get! Carter and Riley would LOVE the Lego tie tacks. I'll have to find out how to make them, because I think Mel would love doing that for her brothers. I think I just might attempt one of those dolls. Melanie still likes stuffed animals. Know of any cute and easy homemade ones to make?

  3. These are adorable--but they make me tired just looking at them!

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog:

  4. All such wonderful ideas! I LOVE the puppet theater and the fuzz balls in a butter thingy! Thanks for sharing your pinteresting ideas ;)


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