Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 2 of Getting Healthy

3 more pounds gone! Woo-hoo!

Week 1: 4 pounds
Week 2: 3 pounds

7 pounds total gone!

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Alright, here's what I thought/learned/tried this week....

#1: Buy new clothes.

So, after you've had a baby and your clothes don't fit...go buy some new ones! Years ago I was on a trip out of town with a fun friend. I'd just had my first daughter and my clothes weren't...erm...fitting too well, yet. One day I wore some black loungish pants. Looking back I realize how bad I must have looked! Clothes and losing weight, etc. came up. My sweet friend said something (very nicely) about buying jeans that fit even though I was trying to lose weight.

Yeah. I needed that advice. I didn't want to spend money on clothes that (I hoped) would only fit me for a short time. But it's so much easier to get truely motivated to change your life if you feel good about yourself! And wearing baggy clothes or too tight clothes is not going to help you feel better about yourself. At all. 

#2: Getting healthy is about eating more. 

Yep. It's true. It's about eating more...of the good-for-you-grub! I think a lot of us look at getting healthy as having to deprive ourselves of all the foods we love. But no! We shouldn't look at it like that. Instead of focusing on what you can't have, focus on what you CAN have. Yummy salads full of vibrant colors, juicy fruits, crunchy grains....healthy food does not have to mean rice cakes and water (yuck.)

#3: Bananas rock.

Once you start eating healthy, fruit becomes your candy. I love it when I get to the point that an apple sounds fantastic. Where as before, I wanted cookies, cake and other high-fat foods, once I cut those things out, I start wanting juicy fruits. I love it!

I love, love, love grapefruit!

#4: Pick an anthem. 

Who doesn't love a good song that gets you all pumped and motivated and ready to take on the world? If you're like me and you're trying to get healthy, consider finding yourself an anthem to get you excited. Play it before you work out, while you work out, when you're feeling low or when you just want to smile and feel good!

Mine is Now is the Start by A Fine Frenzy. I love this song!

#5: I love to snack when I'm writing. In the past I might have had M&M's or maybe a bowl of dry cereal. That's not going to work anymore. This week I saw bags of snap peas at the store. I grabbed a couple. And they made an awesome snack while I was trying to outline my chapters for the week.

#6: My favorite breakfasts....

Grape-nuts, banana chunks and milk.

Scrambled eggs with fresh salsa, half a blueberry bagel with butter spray and milk.

I also like the salsa cooked right in the scrambled eggs. 

#7: Favorite lunches...

Giant salad of spinach leaves, romaine lettuce, broccoli chunks, bits of roast beef, sliced green onions, garlic croutons and a small drizzle of poppyseed dressing. Yum!

Small salad of spinach and romaine, olives, shredded parmesan cheese, small amount of bacon bits and poppyseed dressing (love that stuff) and some white rice, ham and soy sauce. (I'm making myself hungry by writing this post!)

Medium salad of turkey, spinach, romaine, carots, croutons and more poppyseed dressing. And a roast beef sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles and mustard on one of those thin sandwich bread stuff. 

#8: I do not like zuchini. Until now...

I tried this recipe for zuchini fries from Budget Bytes (such a great site). And even though they aren't as pretty as hers...I was in a hurry and couldn't dip them one at a time. Instead all of them in the egg at once and then all in the panko coating. This is not the best way....But still...They were so good! And amazingly enough, a large portion of my kids even liked them (the rest managed to choke them down). We tried dipping them in spaghetto sauce. Yummo! I could have eaten the whole pan myself! We will definitely make these again.

#9:  Week 2 of Couch to 5k done.


Sometimes I read during the walking parts. Sometimes I work on the shoppin list. But I always wear unmatched socks. Life with six kids does not lend itself to matching socks.

Alright, bring on week 3! I am loving this.


  1. Good for you Erin! I need to do this too... Thanks for sharing the song. I've never heard of them. Do you have any more suggestions of fun, encouraging songs? I'm always on the look out for great songs. One I really like right now [and it's all over the radio] is The Script's Hall of Fame with Will.I.Am. I totally get my strut on when I hear it. It's awesome. :)

  2. You are amazing! I love reading your posts! You inspire me and have FANTASTIC ideas.


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