Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How-To Tuesday : Deuglifying Jewelry {with Half-Baked Tutorial}

Alright, I'm announcing another theme for my blog. I know.  You're excited, right? RIGHT? (oh, sorry...I probably shouldn't scream at you....ahem....)

I wasn't sure what to go with on Tuesday. I had a lot of different thoughts rambling around in my brain.  I finally settled on (are you holding your breath? because you're so golly darn excited??)...

Wait for it....

How-To Tuesday! 

Woo-hoo! Huzzah! Hooray!

And I like this theme because I can post just about anything.  Like, say...

How-To Scuba Dive (hmmm....I think I'll need  a trip to the carribean to fully understand this topic)
How-To Find More Time for Yourself (this could be a quick post....Hide from your children in the bathroom, am I right moms?)
How-To Get a Messy House Like Me (ooooh, this is a simple one....Have five kids and decide to be a writer and an obsessive crafter!)

Do you see all the possibilities?  Endless, right?

Ok, so my first How-To Tuesday is a wee bit simple.  I mean really really easy.  But, hey, everyone loves an easy project, right?

How-To Deuglify (aka Spray painting) Jewelry

So, I've found some ho-hum jewelry at one of my favorite stores, The Catholic Thrift Shop.....

Except for the stretched out brown bracelet.  That's one I've had for a while...hmmmm....I can't even remember where I got it. But I was thinking of using it in my jewelry upcycling adventure. 

So, what do you think?  Lovely jewelry, right?  Mmmmm, not so much. That pendant is rather scary.  I am definitely not going to be wearing hot pink hoop earrings and those star earrings?  Ack! Boring! But they were a $1! And I felt it was the perfect opportunity to try something out I'd been wanting to for some time.  A cute and funky friend once told me she spray paints her jewelry to match her clothes.  Wow.  That is so brilliant. And so simple. And I would never have thought of it!

Especially since spray paint and I have become rather close lately.  Hmmmm, spray paint.  You are lovely, aren't you?

So, I started by taking the star earrings apart.  And then I played around with them, trying to decide what I wanted to do next.  I was planning on spray painting the star, but I wasn't sure what to add to the earrings.  I wanted them to be dangly.  This was one idea I had (with the thought that I'd paint the stars brown)...

But.  Blech. Not only do I need to add more color to my house, but to my wardrobe, too!  I buy a lot of black and brown. A LOT of it. 

So, then I got thinking it would be cool to add more color to the earrings.  And my, oh, my what do I have that could add more color?  (besides crayons)  YES! Spray paint.  So, I put a bunch of black beads on some wire to keep them seperated, make it easier to flip them and to keep the spray paint from getting into the hole. 

And then I painted them.  This took a few coats.  I just left them on the garage floor and went out to give a coat every little bit as I was cleaning up in the house and making dinner. 

I originally planned on having orange beads in the mix, too.  But for some reason the orange paint didn't stick to the beads very well.

I spray painted the metal stars and strung the beads onto some metal wire, reattached the metal stars and admired my lovely new earrings....

I love them!  These are way better than the originals or what I was first planning on doing! 

Oh. Spray paint.  What can't you do? My love for you continues to grow.  

I wasn't sure what to do with the pendant and hoops though. But decided to go with my favorite color these days....

They're better.  But I'm not sure about that pendant.  I'd like to think of something else to do with it (other than toss it!).  And the chain....I wonder if I could spray paint the chain?  Well, I could, but I wonder how that would hold up? I might just have to add the pendant to a different necklace. 

Well, there you go.  Grab your spray paint and ugly jewelry and go to town!

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