Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Ruffled Bum Bloomers from a T-shirt {with a half-baked tutorial}

Ok.  A ruffled baby tushy is just about the cutest thing ever, right? Ack! They're so CUTE!

So, I've been wanting to make some ruffled ba-donk-a-donk bloomers for Molly.  This week I finally got around to it.  And I made them from a thrifted white t-shirt (you know those white t-shirts that have hardly been worn because they're a nifty promotional shirt that no one wants to wear) 

I used a pants pattern (folded up to shorts length) and sewed them up according to directions.

I cut out three strips of the t-shirt and ruffled them down the middle.

Next I pinned them to the fanny of the pants and sewed them on.  

 Then I added 1/4" elastic to the leg opening and 3/4" elastic to the waist.

Yep. The only thing cuter than that ruffley caboose is the baby herself.

Now go find yourself a rear end, booty, heiny, some hind quarters or gluteus maxiums to ruffle! 

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