Friday, April 1, 2011

Who wants a boring cast, right?

Ryan took the boys over to Tropic today to help his dad with the cows. Zoe was supposed to go, too. But since she broke her arm on Tuesday, the doctor wants her taking it easy. And chasing around the farm is definitely not that, so she had to say home with me.

Originally she was not too happy about this.  So, it was a great excuse to buy this movie...

Oh! How I love this movie. Great job Disney! (Ok. There are one or two things I wished they'd done differently. But that's the problem with being a writer, right? We over analyze.)

Zoe and I made a fort in the living room with chairs, blankets and pillows. We popped the movie in and ate oreos. Earlier we'd ran into Joann's and Zoe picked out some papers with butterflies and flowers. So, during the movie I also whipped out the modge podge and got busy with her cast...

So fun, right? She was very happy with how it turned out.

Mmmm, I love modge podge.


  1. But now we can't sign it. :) j/k It looks fabulous!

  2. So cute! So who had more fun decorating it? :) How did it happen?

  3. I never would have thought of actually decorating the cast, but it's so very Zoe. :) I'm glad you two had fun with your girls' day!


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