Friday, April 1, 2011

This ROCKS! Check out this skirt...

I recently discovered the blog Simple Simon & Company. I found a link for a super cute skirt tutorial on someone else's blog and then when I jumped over to their place, I found a bunch MORE cute skirt tutorials as well as this awesome thing called $5 Fridays, where they see what they can craft for $5. Fun, right?

Well, this week they've been doing a crafty giveaway every day and yesterday we won this rockin' awesome tutu skirt....

Yay! Zoe is THRILLED! Her dad took her brothers over to Tropic today to help his dad with the cows. And she had to miss out on the trip. So, this was a nice surprise this morning! And, by the way, Ryan told the boys he would take them over to Tropic after school. But instead, he woke them up early and said, "April Fools!" And took them this morning, letting them miss school.  ha! I love it. 

One more thing...if you love this skirt (and how could you not? It's so cute, right?) you can find the tutorial Here. And be sure you go over to Simple Simon & Company's blog today and enter into their last giveaway of the week! Good luck!

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