Friday, August 1, 2014

Invitation to Play: Straw Rocket Races

Now this was fun. 

I mean, of course rockets are fun. Duh. But I had no idea just how much fun the kids would have with this project. I mean, I think they would've made rockets all day if possible.

I set everything up for this Invitation to Play on the table and told the kids when they were done with their chores and stuff (they each have a list of things they need to do each day) then they could come make straw rockets. 

Later, after their dad surprised them by coming home with his horse to give them and some friends rides in an empty field nearby, the kids got busy. 

And their friends joined in on the fun!

Everyone made their rockets and then they lined up in our living room. I said "Ready, set....blow!" Sam was the first winner. 

Then they all scurried off to make improvements to their rockets or make new ones. I gave them a certain amount of time to work and then we had another race. Over and over again. It was so great! 

There was a lot of laughter. And cheering. And busy hands being creative. 

Which is lovely. 

Straw Rockets

Paper rectangles (wide enough to wrap around the straw and as long as you want) 

Color the paper rectangles. Form into a tube. Tape together. Fold down the top and tape. Slip your straw rocket onto your straw and blow! 

Try experimenting. The kids cut slits in the bottom of their rockets. They tried using two straws. They attached a small paper airplane to a tube. See what you can come up with! 

Sam is a little red in the face since he was chopping weeds
right before the big races.

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