Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Art Club: Salt dough and Sharpie Doodle Shirts

For our second Art Club we started with making sharpie dyed shirts. This is such a super fun technique! And so great for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

This was a practice/example shirt I made.

Seriously, I could sit around doodling on shirts or my socks or pillowcases or...well, just about anything....all day. Really. Give me a few snacks. Pop in a fun movie like My Big Fat Greek Wedding or, my latest favorite, Austenland. And hand over the sharpie. Yep. I'd be set for a doodling marathon.

You can check out my tutorial for this project here. The only difference is that while some of the kids used cups, others drew free hand. I loved seeing what they came up with!

Next we got busy with salt dough. Oh! This stuff makes me feel a bit nostalgic. My mom made this for us all the time. In fact, I don't think she ever bought store bought play dough. But she was always mixing up a batch of this stuff for my friends and I. 

Have I mentioned how awesome my mom is? Yep. She really is. 

Salt Dough 

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 water

Mix it all together. Voila! You've got salt dough. Tough stuff, right?

For Art Club I made a giant batch of this stuff. I think I used about 8 cups of flour, 4 cups of salt and 4 cups of water.

I got out a bunch of rubbers stamps, play dough tools, rolling pins, toothpicks and other random things we found around the the house and let the kids go wild with them. 

I lined cookie sheets with wax paper and the kids put their projects on them to dry when they were finished. 

We had a few minutes left at the end so first we played a few drawing games. The blind drawing game is definitely a favorite. 

And then we broke out the pipe cleaners again.

This Art Club thing is so fun!

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