Friday, September 13, 2013

I have a new love

This summer I finally picked a dslr camera and ordered it.

I've been looking at different ones for ages, but I could never decide which one to choose. Oy! There are so many choices. And when I looked at them on Amazon the reviews would say things like, "This is the best camera in the whole fiddlydig universe!" and also, "Even if there were no cameras left in the world but this one, I still wouldn't use it."

Ack! So, yeah, I had a hard time choosing.

To solve this problem, I didn't actually pick one. I chose two that I liked, sent the links to my cute friend Amber (who is a photographer and her husband is a super impressive professional photographer) and let THEM choose.

And so, this is what I got...

The Nikon d3200. 

And I am so in love with this little red beauty. 

Of course, I'm still learning how to use it. I also bought this book...

I had hoped to get it well before Rory came so that I'd have ample time to learn how to take great photos, but I kind of put it off until the last minute. I was lucky to get it before I went into the hospital! 

Now here's a look at some of my favorite photos from this summer from my very favorite camera...
(warning: not all of these are the best photos...some are just some of my favorite moments)

Look at that handsome kid!

Molly's crazy eyes.
Playing Mother May I? on Zoe's birthday, her choice.
That's Sam in the background taking an alligator step.
Zoe's princess birthday party. I made her a comfy Belle dress out of t-shirts.
And even though it didn't quite turn out how I planned, she adores it!

Holding my Rory for the first time.
They only let me have for a few seconds before this whisked him away.
Oh! I love those first moments. First sight. First cuddle. First nursing.
Love it all. 
A sweet daddy holding his wee baby.
Is there anything better than this?

The kids getting to see their new brother for the first time.
Oh! They couldn't fill their eyes enough with the sight of him!

Me, in all my hospial gown glory, getting to
snuggle a sixth baby. And feeling very blessed.
My most amazing and fabulous mother cuddling her new grandson.
Isn't she beautiful? I adore her. And any time spent in her company is never enough.
I couldn't stop taking pictures of this guy. Look at those smooshy, kissable cheeks!

He looks like he's really studying me!
(possibly worried?!)

I can't get enough of this face. Love, love, love him!
Yeah. The kids were pretty excited to have us come home.

OH! They were over-the-moon thrilled to finally have us back. They couldn't
stop watching that baby. It is just the sweetest, best thing
to have a new baby in your home. 

How can one momma be this lucky? I love these kids more than I ever could have possibly imagined. 

We had so many great rain storms this summer!
And the kids tried to make the best of it.
(they LOVED it!)
Love this bouncy, muddy, blue-eyed girl. 

I adore slings. I love having my wee baby right up close to me. 

Zoe got a little wet.
Oh! The joy of umbrellas and a rain storm!

I took lots and lots of photos of those little guy!

Cute little girls up in the woods during Weston's 50-miler Scouting middle-of-the-week dinner with the families.

More rain. More fun.They created a village.
And apparently there were some buffalos in the back yard for them to hunt.

He's so cute in that sling!

The kids tried to make their millions with a snow cone shack.

Not only is she absolutely adorable...
She has excellent fashion sense.
(Check out her shoes.)

This boy.
Look at him!
I think he grew a foot this summer.

My fantastic dad and Rory.
Oh!  This man is incredibly incredible. I don't know how
I managed to be blessed with such amazing parents, but I was.
This man is such an example to me. He is patient and kind and
so amazingly smart. And check out that smile. He's
quite the handsome fellow, too!
(and now you know where Molly got those blue eyes!) 

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  1. Beautiful photos! Absolutely stunning!!! I just love those newborn shots... how absolutely adorable.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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