Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun Craft for Kids: Bead Buddies

(Alright, I'm moving some of my posts over from a previous blog that I abandoned....poor sad blog. This was originally published in November 2010) 

I had never heard of bead buddies until a few years ago when my oldest came home and showed me a cute lizard he made at his friend's house. A new craft? Well, we just had to try that. Since then my boys have made many many bead buddies. This last weekend we printed out some new patterns and the boys got busy with this fun craft again...

Sam (above) was VERY proud of himself. This was the first time he made bead buddies (mostly) by himself. He made up his own pattern for the snake and corn.

(Some of those still need to be tied off or have the strings trimmed.)

Want to try making some with your monkeys? We get most of our patterns from the Making Friend Site. These are great gifts kids can make themselves. We usually put keychain rings on ours and the kids pop them onto their backpacks. But they could also be ornaments (there are a lot of Christmas designs).

Tomorrow, while my sweet mom makes all the yummy food for Thanksgiving, I will be entetaining the horde of children with crafts. This will be one of them. Hopefully I'll keep them busy for...maybe 10-15 minutes? We can only dream.

ETA: Nope. The cousins didn't even try them last year. *sigh* Hmmmm....and I can't even remember what we did instead....maybe this year I'll trap all the kids at the craft table....Mwhahahahaha!


  1. So cute! I remember my kids making those when they were little. I'm feeling old having all teenagers!

  2. Great idea! I wonder if I have any posts worth resurrecting...probably not. Thank you for mentioning me I'm your previous post! You are so sweet! I really don't deserve such a wonderful friend as you. I must say after reading that post I'm dying to know your great title! I don't blame you for not posting it here on the internet though. Hope your having a good day. I just adore you to peices!!!


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