Friday, September 30, 2011

Ribbon Bookmark with Tutorial Link

I finally got around to making a small something for a friend for her birthday (her birthday was in August...yes, see I'm really good at staying on top of things.) I gave her a vintage book titled A Family Raised on Rainbows.  It's full of recipes, family traditions and, generally, how to be a swell mom.  And then I whipped up this fun ribbon bookmark with elastic to throw on it.  I found the tutorial on Pinterest.  You can find the  tutorial Here.

I thought mine needed something more though, so I hot glued some buttons to it.

Easy peazy!

I snapped a few pictures of it on one of my very favorite books. The other book was too bright and busy....

Dear Sister, whose birthday was in July and still has not received her birthday package from me,

If you lived around the corner (see? It's really your fault....) then I'd have brought your gift to you only a month late. 

But....ack! I promise I'll get it into the mail soon! I just keep forgetting to get it all packaged up and then I'm in town running around and I think I should have gotten it ready....

blech. I need a bigger brain. 


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