Wednesday, September 28, 2011

50 Cent Shirt Re-do

That's right. This shirt cost me a whoppin' 50 cents.

I bought it at one of my favorite stores, The Catholic Thrift Shoppe.  On the last weekend of the month they put all their clothes on sale for 50 cents.  Yes! It's Thrifty Heaven.  And originally I bought this shirt for fabric. I thought I could make some fun hair flowers with it.

But after I pulled it from my Massive Mountain of Thrifty Finds (someone should really stick a flag in that thing and claim it for their country.  Yeah, it's that big.) I got looking at it and decided I kind of liked it (I say kind of because usually I'm a boring solid colored shirt kind of girl).

Although it was much too big. But recently I'd read this chickadee's blog, Grosgrain Fabulous and she talked about her thrifty upcycled adventures. Wow. She does some amazing things.

So, I put the shirt on inside out and pinned it where I wanted it taken in on the side*.

Then I sewed up the sides and tried it on and then took the sides in some more and then repeated a few more times and...

Voila! A new shirt. For 50 cents.

I don't usually peruse the too-big-for-me aisles at the stores for good deals, but now I will. This opens up a whole new thrifty door for my wardrobe!

Hmmmm, it was fun trying to get a good picture of me in this shirt. I asked my sweet friend, Kathy, to snap some pics. And apparently I have a hard time appearing natural. And I don't know where to put my arms. And I kept talking or laughing as she snapped away. Oops.

Here we see my Wonder Woman pose...

And I think this is my "Hey. What's up, dude?" look....

And then lastly we have the "Woah there, buddy!" face which I'm directing at Kathy's cute boy as he rode a little car toward me.  Maybe he'd decided he could improve the picture by simply running me over.  

You know, he might have been right...

*Note to self: Use safety pins instead of regular pins next time. You will have a much easier time taking the shirt off. Yeah, nutso, maybe you should try to avoid making yourself bleed. Just a thought.


  1. CUTE! I love it! You are looking good too by the way!

  2. Love it...GW (Good Will) is my favorite store in this area!

  3. It looks so good on you! I'll have to check out that store. I didn't know they did that at the end of the month. You're looking great. Awesome on the running. Maybe I should work on that too and we could run a 5k together someday. :)

  4. Love the shirt and the idea of thrift shopping in the bigger sizes and taking them in. Only problem isI don't have a sewing machine, but maybe I need to get one.

  5. It turned out so CUTE! AND I would die for 50 cent days!!!!!


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