Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Boring Jeans to Ruffley Capris (a $2 project!)

Boy, have I got a thing for ruffles lately.  But can you blame me? They are so cute! And they get even cuter when you start out with cheapo jeans from the thrift store....

I picked these up for my 3 yo Zoe at D.I. for about two or three dollars a few weeks ago. I think they were only $2.

I had Zoe try them on last night and I figured out where I wanted to chop them.  Then I let her get back into her jammies and after I got my last and smallest monkey popped into bed, I cut the legs off the jeans and sliced open the leftover bits. 

I cut these into strips to make the ruffles. I had enough to cut out two strips per leg. This made the ruffle twice the width of the pants.  (I ended cutting some other strips though...I didn't like how some of this denim had the vertical stripe thing going on.)

I serged these pieces together, serged the hem, ruffled them up, serged them to the bottom of the pants (sorry no in-process shots since it was super late and I needed to get them done so I could get some work done on Sam's Super Secret Birthday Project), ironed the ruffle down and top stitched them.

I couldn't wait for Zoe to try them on the next morning. 

Ok. Those are totally worth the late night sewing.  Totally. 

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  1. I looooove them!! I just bought some denim to make some ruffle pants about a week ago and now I am rethinking it. I think I'll go downstairs right now to see what actual jeans I can cut up!

  2. Erin, I am so impressed with your sewing. These are adorable.

  3. I'm glad the post is back! I saw them but wasn't able to comment (blogger was already having problems then) so when I checked today I was sad to see it was gone because I thought they were so dang cute! So now it's back and I can tell you how cute I think they are. :)

  4. Seriously, how do you come up with this stuff? It kills me! They are is the monkey wearing them, especially in her robe and froggie slippers. ;)

  5. I love these! I want to try this for my daughters and maybe even myself. Thanks for sharing.

  6. what a darling idea! i want a pair for myself! too cute! andiejaye @

  7. Good job and I will remember next time!


  8. THanks so much for sharing this is a great idea and my girls will love it! I had to pin it.

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