Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrifty Thursday:Bright Spray Painted Vases

Alright, here's some randomness to enjoy....

*I forgot how old I was. Yep. As I was talking with my mom about my brother whose birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday Jeremy!) and we were talking about how old everyone was turning this year...yep. I thought I was a year younger than I am. Wow. Senility is setting in early.

*I cut off some of my eyelashes a week or so ago. Girls, be careful with those eyelash curlers. I'm not exactly sure how mine become defected...maybe it turned on me? It was tired of all that work trying to make my eyelashes lovely? I don't know.

*I'm trying my hand at pitching craft articles for a magazine. And I'm LOVING it! I recieved an email from the Senior Editor about one of them. She thinks it's great and wants to hold onto it to see if there is a place for it in their future line-up. Yay! I just sent in another one last night and it's really really cool! REALLY cool. (boy. I sound humble, don't I?)

*I'm starting something new on my blog.  Every Thursday I'm going to post about a fun, cheap and easy project.  I'm calling it Thrifty Thursday (I know. It's pretty original. Yep. Took me....minutes to think of it.)
So, with out further ado...I give you the first Thrifty Thursday....

So, I picked up these ordinary plastic vases at the dollar store yesterday....

They are pretty ho-hum, right?

But you simply add the magic of spray paint....

I did about 4 coats of the blue. And 3 of the yellow. I wanted them nice and bright...I probably didn't need to do that many coats though.

I let them dry about 10 minutes between each coat (or sometimes less....I'm a bit impatient).

Pop in some flowers (also found at the dollar store)...

Huzzah! Bright and fun vases. I made these in a manner of minutes.

I plan to put this yellow one in Zoe's room. She needs more color in there.  But I didn't take the picture of the vase in there since she also needs a hazmat team to come along and help her clean up a bit.

The blue one will find a home in my living room.  I'm not sure where though....I'm not the best at the whole Home Decor thing. I always have big plans (anyone know how to convince my husband that painting the walls won't be The Worst Project Ever?) but I don't often carry them out. It's just not high on my priority list.

I'm trying to change that though....well, kind of. I still don't have time or really the money for big home decor projects. But cheap and easy projects, now that's what I'm looking for. And these vases definitely fit the bill!


  1. They turned out really nice! Melanie would love for me to be craftier, but I'm just not. Sometimes I'll do okay at copying someone's idea, but for the most part, I have no desire to be crafty. I'm the girl who would rather buy it than make it, but I'm also not willing to spend a lot of money on decor, so we have hardly any decorations around our house. Oh well. ;)

  2. OH, that is so cute! You're awesome, Erin!

  3. I have got to do some of these! I LOVE the bright yellow one; bright like the sunshine! :)

  4. Your a great writer and I love your funny comments! Cool vases I have passed them before at the dollar store and thought yuck.. but you made them beautiful. I viewed the pic and thought Crate and Barrel! Keep it coming love the Pringle bangle idea too! I have a empty can on hand.


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