Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Sling Tutorial Link

I love baby slings.  I've carried all our little ones in them, except our first.  I hadn't discovered the wonderful world of baby-wearing, yet. But I have to say...I think I'd had to have stopped having kids if I didn't have baby slings.

I wear my baby at church, trudging around wal-mart, going for walks, as I whip up dinner, while volunteering at the school, perusing books at the library, dancing around the house or scouting for a Christmas tree as I'm doing in the pic.

So many people ask me about the slings I have.  Whether I made them or sell them or where I bought them. I bought my first one when Emmett was tiny. It is a padded ring sling called a NoJo. I enjoyed it at the time, but have since moved onto the pouch slings, which I do make. The NoJo was a bit bulky and I like that a pouch sling can be folded up and put in my bag for when I'm not using it.

The tutorial I use can be found Here. There are even directions on the site for making a child-size sling. I made one for Zoe when Molly was new.  She needed to pack her baby dolls around like her mom. :)

I make the reversible sling but with the same fabrics on both side. I made three of them before Molly came along (I needed options!) and luckily she loves to be packed around in it as much as her older sister and brothers did. They are super easy to make. Really. They are. Straight lines. One simple curvy line. So easy. 

I'm not sure how other people manage to go anywhere with a baby without a sling.  I guess they pack their wee one around in that heavy car seat?  I have too many kids and not enough hands for that method!

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