Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back in the Healthy Saddle


The holidays knocked me over with a giant candy cane, dragged me into a dark corner strung with twinkle lights and, while singing a rousing chorus of Jolly Old St. Nicholas, stole every bit of self-control in my possession.


On the bright side, we had loads of fun! Sitting around in our jim jams, playing games, munching on chocolate, watching movies, playing with new toys.....oh! The fun we had. It was a great break.

I love the chaos of Christmas morning! Wrapping paper everywhere, everyone all smiles, the shouts of excitement,
the extra snuggles...I love it!

But now I'm ready to get back in the healthy saddle. I'm also going to attempt to get back into the blogging saddle (which I seem to fall out of on a regular basis!).

So, giddeyup!

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