Monday, September 30, 2013

Perfect {Half} Whole Wheat Bread

My favorite whole wheat bread is from Great Harvest. But since they raised their prices I have a harder time shelling out the $5 a loaf.

Luckily I came across the bread recipe (on Pinterest, of course) for Rosebud's Butter Topped White Bread.

Isn't it beautiful? Oh! I love homemade bread. It makes my house smell glorious. It tastes fantastic. And an added bonus is I feel like a domestic goddess when I can serve this up to my family.

This bread is perfect for sandwiches, great for French Toast and regular toast, too.The original directions call for all white flour but I like to make it with half, or sometimes more, whole wheat flour. 

The whole family loves this bread and some even think it's better than Great Harvest's. I'm not sure I completely agree with that. But I do love it quite a bit. And I definitely love the price tag more than Great Harvest's! 

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