Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Instagram Summer {Part 1}

What with being pregnant and tired and then having a newborn and being tired...I haven't felt like we did much this summer. It's nice to look back at the pictures and memories and realize we did have a lot of fun together!


Sam turned 9 and Ryan turned 39 (and celebrated with a bonfire!).


We worked on art journals and played during the Utah Summer Games fireworks.


I got a new camera (yay!) and we saw lots of family and rode horses at the Shakespear Reunion.


Zoe turned 6 (and finally got that Baby Alive she's been wanting for 3 years!) and we played in the creek at the park at a going away party for friends.

Ryan and I enjoyed our last date without a baby at Costa Vida and I took an interesting selfie.


Zoe chose to go bowling for her birthday (score! a birthday bowling pin!) and Ryan taught Sam about the finer points of the sport.


Sam put on a magic show (complete with a scantily clad assistant) and Zoe had a princess birthday party.


We had yummy cheesecake in celebration of Father's Day and a trip to McDonald's for breakfast (trying to have some fun before we're cooped up in the house with a newborn!)


Molly got a new big girl bed and I got busy tie-dying baby swaddle blankets.


I fixed up some frames with spray paint and filled them with fun printables.


The boys played with water and sprinkler parts and I started embroidering the back of Zoe's denim jacket (it will only take me a few months to compelte that project!).


I appliqued this fun mustachioed smiley face shirt for Sam (I had stenciled him one for his birthday but it had gotten messed up) and a HUNK shirt for the coming baby.


That same night I got this fun Zombies shirt ready for Weston for his birthday the next day.


And then....the next day I had a baby!


I got pretty flowers from my husband and in-laws and enjoyed my favorite treat to order from room service, Pear Cranberry Crisp (oh! I wish I could call up and order more!).


My wonderful mom came to take care of our brood of kiddos while Ryan and I enjoyed time in the hospital with our Rory.


some of my favorite memories are those days in the hospital with a new baby and my sweet husband who is the best daddy around.

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  1. Congrats on the new baby! So cute!

    And I love that zombie shirt, too!


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