Friday, March 15, 2013

5 Things Friday: April Fool's Day, Hippie Skirts & My Massive Size

#1: This has become a sad and neglected blog. I had such plans when I started it! But....there's that little matter of time. And the fact that I'm such an optimist when it comes to how much I have of that stuff. I'm doing crafty things like making me some funky patchwork skirts and a cute care bear shirt for one of my girls and making earrings. And I've even taken pictures of some of these things. But I just haven't taken the time to do anything beyond that.

Eventually....someday....hopefully....I will.

But for now I've been busy getting back into my writing. Which I'm thrilled about! I just don't really feel like myself when I'm not working on my fiction writing.

#2: It's never too early to start planning of April Fool's Day, right? I used to trick my kids with food that looked like something else. But last year we tried something new. The Fool's Cafe. This is such a fun and wonderful idea. And while, yes, it's loads of is soooo worth it! Now I have to decided if I'm up to the challenge of doing it again this year.

photo from

#3: Like I said, I've been making some fun patchwork skirts for myself. I'm in love with the bohemian clothes this chickadee Zasra makes and sells on Etsy. She is amazing! So, I've looked and looked and looked at pictures of her amazing creations. Then I made a pattern for a skirt. And... it turned out horrible. But I realized what I did wrong (one of the panels got a bit wonky).

Here's an example of the ones she makes....

CUSTOM for Cait,1/2 down  payment,  Eco long patchwork boho SKIRT, repurposed jersey, Upcycled Clothing, you pick colors , size Xs-Lrg
Isn't she brilliant! AND she makes these from thrifted t-shirts. So. Cool.
photo from Zasra's Etsy shop 

Anyway, I tried again and I figured it out! At least, I love what I came up with. And wouldn't this be a great moment for me to share some pictures? Um....yeah....anyway, moving on...

So, I've made three of these skirts and then today I tried my hand at some of the patchwork gaucho pants. Hmmmmm....I'm not sure I'll be wearing my first attempt out of the house. I'm worried they look more like they were made in a clown factory as opposed to being made by a cool hippie mamma. 

#4: Last week I decided I wanted to be the kind of mom who has a snack or treat ready for my kids when they come home from school. I mean, they usually have something. But it's more like some grab yogurts while others make themselves toast. I think it would be cool to be the kind of mom that has something fun and yummy waiting for them instead. So, we've had smoothies and caramel apple dip and snickerdoodle brownies. The kids are loving it! And I love giving them all something at once, without the repeated question,  "Can I have a snack?" And also just chatting with them about their days over their munchies. 

#5: I am getting huge. I mean HUGE! And I still have three more months until this little one is due. By that time I'm going to need my own personal forklift to take me to my every 10 minute trips to the bathroom. I miss running. I should have kept it up better with this pregnancy. 

But eventually I'll wear something with a zippered fly....right? I know, in maybe a year or two? 

It's a good thing babies are so stinking cute. 


  1. That is a pretty skirt, the Fool's cafe sounds fun, will have to think about it.

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