Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a salad *all three* of my boys actually devoured!

Woah. Hold the phone.

A salad all my boys like??!!

See, two of them are alright with salad. It's not their favorite, but they'll eat it soaked in ranch.

My oldest, however, doesn't like ANY kind of salad dressing. None. Zip. Zilch. He eats his salad like a rabbit. Plain and dry. But even a rabbit probably gets some dew to soften up those lettuce leaves....ok. Not in Utah. We don't have dew. But other places....oh! I miss the dew in Florida. It was so pretty....

Ok. Back to the point...

I'd like to have other salads as part of our diet. I'm tired of plain ol' green salad.

So, last night I made this brilliant concoction, Chinese Cabbage Salad...

I actually made more that that, but that's all that was left after my boys had second helpings.

And to be honest, I didn't think they'd like it one tiny little bit. But I heard phrases like, "Mom, this is really good!" and "I want to have more."

Score! Success! It was a salad victory!

Now don't get this confused with that ever popular Oriental Chicken Salad with the chicken and the cabbage and the ramen. This is different. The dressing is made with peanut oil (or peanut butter) and it is absolutely fantastic.

It is definitely going on our Family Favorites List.

Go snag this wonderful recipe over at Jamie Cooks it Up.

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