Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Handmade Gifts: Zoe's Dress-Up Suitcase Tutorial

We made a lot of handmade gifts for Christmas this year. And in the crazy whirlwind that was December, I didn't have time to share much. So, I'm going to try to put up some pictures of some things....when (or if!) I get the chance. No promises.  

But we did have a lot of fun making things for each other. I love how excited the kids get to make each other gifts. There was a lot of sneaking around and whispering in corners as we planned and made all sorts of things. And the anticipation? Oh my! It's the best. The kids couldn't wait to see each other open their handmade gifts.  

I wish I could have caught every look of surprise and happiness as the kids squealed over the surprises they'd concocted for each other. Priceless.  

I made a gift for each child and even something fun for my handsome cowboy. I already shared Molly's Monkey.  Today I'm showing off the fun dress up suitcase I made for Zoe....

I bought a suitcase in almost mint condition from DI. I don't think the previous owner traveled too much.

I thought about covering it with fabric, but then I checked out my friend Sundi's doll suitcases she'd done and decided to go that route instead. I decoupaged the suitcase while watching Dr. Who late at night (I will blame the puckery bits of paper on the wee hours of the night). 

Then I filled the suitcase with loads of dress up clothes I made from random bits of fabric kicking around the basement or from thrifted clothes, a halloween fairy costume my picked up one year for half off and beautiful purse my mom bought Zoe when she was two. She snagged it for her after I eyed it in the Las Vegas airport. But at the time, Zoe was so small and I worried she'd pick apart the beading. As I was planning this gift, I stumbled across it in my present stash.  Perfect addition, right? 

I threw in a felt crown which was super easy to make (seriously....felt and easy!) and some dollar store slippers which I added some Fancy Nancy-ish bows to. 

I also added a bunch of old costume jewelry of mine into a little zippered pouch in the suitcase. 

Alright, that is the coolest and easiest vest ever. I'd have to dig around for the tutorial link...let me know if you're interest. It's that idea that's floating around Pinterest where you just make two cuts in a rectangle and Voila! instant vest. I translated it into little girl size. I was worried it wouldn't fit her so I even tried it on her late at night while she was sleeping....and she didn't even wake up! 

Some of those are dress-up clothes Zoe already had. In fact, she really needed this case. Her previous spot for them was an old tote bag of mine. Yep, she needed something a bit classier. And this did the trick. It was a huge hit with my wee chickadee. She loved it! And she's had a marvelous time donning the many different ensembles.


  1. WOW! That turned out sooo cute! Just like the little princess for whom you made it :)

  2. I love it! I need to remember this for my little girl's birthday!

  3. So darling! What a lucky girl.


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