Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Magic of Muffin Tin Meals

I picked up some 6-cup muffin tins at the dollar store this summer. And seriously....this whole Muffin Tin Meal idea is pretty magical....

"Lunchables" muffin tin meal plus bananas
This is a brilliant way to get little ones to sample different foods. Somehow by simply putting stuff in the little cups, it makes lunch much more exciting.

And it's good for me, too. Instead of giving them just a half of a sandwich and some apple slices, this makes me think of a variety of foods to give them.

Here's Molly's "smiling" face for the camera.....

Nice pouty lips, cute girl.
Cheesy tortilla slices, carrots, ranch for dipping, apple slices
and blueberry yogurt.

And guess what? They might not admit it...but even my big kids like lunch like this. I tell you what.  The muffin tins are magic.

Maybe she's thinking, "Nope. Blueberry and ranch
are definitely not the next big flavor combo." 


  1. Sounds like I just might have to get me some muffin tins and try this out. I have one that doesn't always like to eat all of his food (depends on the day, meal, etc.). Maybe this will help.

  2. That blueberry and ranch combo did not look appetizing at all! What a cute idea for lunch. My kids would think that is such a fun idea. Especially if I let them "picnic" on the living room floor while watching a movie. (Actually, I do that a lot more than I'd like to admit...)

  3. I love it!! My kids would totally dig this! I just need those muffin tins...Walmart?

  4. BTW we need to figure out (or invent) a way to notify/comment back and forth on here. It drives me crazy!


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