about me

Hello there! I'm Erin, wife to a handsome cowboy and momma to four boys and two little girls.

My smallest girl was napping during this photo. And...um...the kids
were supposed to be helping me clean my craft room. But...we became
Cleaning Ninjas instead. And got goofy. 

So, yeah, we're insane.

BUT, we're pretty happy with our craziness.

(most of the time)

I love to sew, cook, make giant messes, play Kick the Can with my kids and, also, write. (You can see read my writing blog where I post about books, writing tips and my attempts at learning how to write a novel HERE)

This blog is about my great, difficult, silly, fun, trying, awesome adventures as a momma and my many many attempts to be better at it.

Oh, and you might wonder why I named the blog Hazel and Company. When I was little girl my mom called me Hazel, usually when I was in a wee bit of trouble.....funny thing is....she still calls me Hazel sometimes! I guess I'm good at causing trouble.

And with 6 kids around I always have company...

It's fantastic.


Comments make me smile. And who doesn't love to smile? So...comment away! And if you have any questions, please ask.