Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spray-painted Platters

When I was setting up for the writing workshop last week, I went to snag a couple table cloths for the display of author's books and the treats and water. I was also hoping to find some simple and fun platters at the dollar store.

I did not. I found some ugly fall ones instead.

And tacky clear wedding platters.... about some spray paint magic?

Sorry for the sad pictures. It was very late when I finally got around
to fixing these up. That's how I roll.  Very late=crafty time. 

Voila! I spray-painted the bottom of them, leaving the top food safe. I love how they turned out. And although I dig the bright yellow, I'm not sure it was the best choice to go with the food.

Maybe turquoise? Or even just simple white. Well, either way, any color is better than how they started!


  1. I love the idea of only spray painting the bottom. I bet they looked pretty cool. I'm glad I have a smart friend. If only you could rub off on me a little more. :)

  2. LOL! Thanks Kendra. :) Rub off on you? I saw that beautiful blessing dress you made. You've got loads of creativity flowing through your veins!

  3. you are awesome, Erin. So smarty crafty. How was the conference?

  4. Thanks Ann Dee :) Yes, the conference went really well. Rick and Mette and Made of Awesome and there was great attendance. I was surprised by the number of writers in the area. And so many of them are hoping this becomes a yearly thing. Some want it even more often! So, I'm hoping we'll get a great writing community going here in Cedar.

    Thanks for asking! :)

  5. You could possibly use hot glue or tape to make designs. Lay down whatever, spray it, let it dry, take off the tape/glue/ect, then spray it again, filling in the clear spots, and making the back one nice solid color (:

  6. Can you still wash them? Won't the spray paint come off? Or worse, contaminate the other side that you do eat off of?

  7. bah. i was searching google for finishes that would be safe for food.. and then just followed 3 site links to get here and it's of no help : /


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